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Providing High Quality, Low Cost Legal Services to Immigrants

The Immigration Alliance is a national, collaborative effort that equips churches across the country to provide critical immigration legal services to under-resourced immigrants. We do this through cultivating relationships among immigrants and churches in order that the Church might become an epicenter of multi-national welcome and community.

The Immigration Alliance’s affiliated churches provide fair, trustworthy immigration legal counsel to immigrants including:

  • low-cost legal counseling on immigration-related matters;
  • support in determining eligibility for immigration benefits;
  • assistance in preparing applications for legal immigration status;
  • immigration support to victims of crime and domestic violence; and
  • assistance in reuniting families.

These church-based sites, as well as their volunteers and staffs, go through a rigorous accreditation process through the federal Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).

With more than 22 million foreign-born, non-citizens in the United States – and with only 12,000 private immigration attorneys and 2,800 non-profit immigration attorneys and accredited staff in the United States to help meet the demand – the need for honest and trustworthy legal services has never been greater.

Currently 17 church-based organizations, 30,000 churches and 33 sites strong, The Immigration Alliance is committed to dramatically multiplying the number of sites across the country providing low-cost, high-quality immigrant legal services over the next three years. The Immigration Alliance provides local churches with best-in-class training to prepare churches to serve immigrants, coordinates and oversees efforts to ensure quality and consistency, and shares resources to maximize our effectiveness and reach.

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