Message from Our Board Chair

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, As we prepare to celebrate the coming of our Lord, I recognize that there are a lot of emotions related to the recent elections. There is much to remember and much to pray over. Therefore, I have drafted a press release.  Please click here to read the press release. I know (Continue Reading…)

How Americans View Immigration

A recent survey released by the Public Research Religion Institute looked at how Americans view immigrants and what Americans want from immigration reform. The survey separates findings by age, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, and party affiliation. Therefore the facts and figures presented are very interesting and quite specific. This survey offers a valuable glimpse into (Continue Reading…)

VIDEO: The Mayor

A recent study found that the best way to ignite passion in your congregation or community for welcoming immigrants is to share personal stories of immigrants. Hearing first hand from immigrants about why they are in America and what it would mean to gain American citizenship can go a long way. Stories taken from you own congregation or (Continue Reading…)

Podcast: Immigration and the Bible

The more an issue is focused on in the news the more questions arise about the issue. Yet, behind the issue and questions of immigration are real people. We collectively refer to them as immigrants yet they each have an individual name. God knows each immigrant and, yes, God cares for each one. I recently (Continue Reading…)

A New Year’s Call to Welcome Syrian Immigrants and Refugees

Dear Friends, In response to the recent discussions about Syrian immigrants and refugees we have drafted a press release, A New Year’s Call to Welcome Syrian Immigrants and Refugees. Please pass this on to others in your community. Many of our members have already voiced their support for welcoming Syrian immigrants and refugees – we (Continue Reading…)

Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month: My Story

By Alejandro Mandes Since June is Immigrant Heritage Month I would like to share about my family’s immigrant journey. My mother’s family have lived in South Texas for many generations, specifically in Lardeo, which sits on the US and Mexico border. I often joke that long ago my family went to sleep as Mexicans and (Continue Reading…)

February 19 – National Church Leaders’ Conference Call

Purpose: The call (1) introduces Rev. Dr. Alejandro Mandes, the new Executive Director of The Immigration Alliance, (2) explains the launch of the new TIA campaign in partnership with NaLEC (3) gives pastors practical guidance on how their churches can help immigrants in their community in light of the executive action on immigration, and (4) provides an update on (Continue Reading…)

Sad News for Expanded DACA Programs

Late last night, the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas granted an injunction enjoining the implementation of expanded DACA and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parental Accountability) programs. As you are likely aware, tomorrow was the start date for expanded DACA. Thus, we await direction from USCIS as to whether applications will still (Continue Reading…)

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