Wesleyan Pastor Appointed Executive Director of The Immigration Alliance, Inc.

March 15, 2017

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An Announcement from The Immigration Alliance, Inc.

The Board of Directors of The Immigration Alliance, Inc., takes great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Rev. Blaine Derck, and Ordained Minister in the Wesleyan Church, as its new Executive Director. Blaine’s experiences as a Pastor throughout the United States have seen him in multiple roles from staff positions to solo pastorate.   He graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University and serves on his District’s Board of Ministerial Development for the Mountain-Plains District of The Wesleyan Church. Married for 39 years, father of two adult children who are actively involved in the local churches they attend.

He served as the associate pastor for three years, responsible for immigration ministries at Mosaic Church of Aurora, CO which is a multi-ethnic congregation in a neighborhood that has over 109 different languages spoken with a 2 miles of the church. He was an ad-hoc member of The Wesleyan Church’s Immigration Connections Committee, seeking to provide immigration assistance to local churches offering ministry to immigrants in their communities

Blaine is currently serving as the Executive Director of Oasis Ministries of Colorado Springs, CO. Oasis is a start-up non-profit ministry who in partnership with Immigrant Hope is seeking to establish a low-cost immigration legal services center at a local church. Founded in 2015 Oasis is pursuing their accreditation hoping to provide services in the fall of 2017.

After completing the 40-Hour Immigrant Pathways Institute and pursuing the additional hours of shadowing needed to seek BIA accreditation, Blaine has an acute awareness of the investment of time and energy needed to open an accredited center. He and the local team in Colorado Springs know firsthand the great need the community is experiencing and the backlog many immigrants are facing.

In 2014 Blaine became a part of the Immigrant Pathways Institute team working to aid in facilitating the training needs of individuals and organizations seeking to achieve their accreditation. Serving as a non-legal presenter, Blaine is mindful of the 40-hour process that attendees navigate to get the information needed to make a difference in their communities.

Blaines’ desire is to use his God given talents of relational capacity, networking skills, and a thirst for people development to the task of seeing The Immigration Alliance advance its mission of helping churches and non-profits accomplish the task of aiding the immigrant community with quality low-cost legal services.

The Immigration Alliance is a national, collaborative effort that equips churches across the country to provide critical immigration legal services to under-resourced immigrants. We do this through cultivating relationships among immigrants and churches in order that the Church might become an epicenter of multi-national welcome and community. Currently 17 church-based organizations, 30,000 churches and 33 sites strong. Part and parcel to the Mission and Vision of The Immigration Alliance, is ‘Welcoming the Stranger among us’ with Christian Love and Charity.

For more information, please visit our website: http://theimmigrationalliance.org or contact Blaine directly at Blaine@theimmigrationalliance.org.

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