Podcast: Immigration and the Bible

Post by Emily Fontenot

The more an issue is focused on in the news the more questions arise about the issue. Yet, behind the issue and questions of immigration are real people. We collectively refer to them as immigrants yet they each have an individual name. God knows each immigrant and, yes, God cares for each one.

I recently came upon a podcast that looked both at immigration and the Bible. In all matters it is important to allow God’s word to guide your actions. On this podcast you will hear Dr. Danny Carroll, author of Christians at the Border, discuss the following questions and more.

What makes the immigration discussion distinctly Christian?

What does the Bible say about immigration and immigrants?

What are the current American immigration laws and what is the status of immigration reform?

How can Christians integrate the Bible and immigration?


These questions are the very questions being considered by today’s church. Today’s church wants to hear why God would welcome immigrants. Also, today’s church needs to hear how their local church can welcome immigrants.

Yes, there are churches who have committed to welcoming today’s immigrants and many of them are members of The Immigration Alliance. Welcoming immigrants -though it is what God would like for his church to do- is difficult to do alone. Might we, The Immigration Alliance, travel alongside your church?

What are your questions about immigration and immigrant ministry? Let us know by sending an email to info[at]theimmigrationalliance.org

(Podcast was recorded by Dallas Theological Seminary)

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