Why are churches choosing to provide legal services to immigrants?

Post by Emily Fontenot

Why are churches choosing to provide legal services to immigrants?

Imagine a lay leader asking this question upon hearing of their church’s plan to open a legal clinic. Or imagine the father of a large immigrant family asking this question after reading a flyer about a local church’s legal clinic. And did you that some Christians in the U.S.A might not even know that churches are choosing to provide legal services to immigrants?

One church, Restoration Anglican Church in Arlington, Virginia provides their answer to this question in this blog post. On March 30th Restoration Immigration Legal Aid Clinic opened their doors to the community. Restoration is one of many churches within our network that are “choosing to join God in caring for those who are far from home, welcoming them into this country and inviting them into the Kingdom of Heaven.”


(The Restoration Immigration Legal Aid Clinic team)

If you are asking this question or being asked this question we recommend that you read what the Bible says about immigration. God is quite clear on the matter of immigration. So clear in fact that our response to this question would be that we choose to mobilize churches to provide legal counsel because it is mandated by God. Check out the podcast in our last blog post to learn where in the Bible that God addresses immigration. (The video that Restoration includes in their blog post is another great resource – this video is also included on our website).

I appreciate that the word “choose” is in the question above. Some churches are choosing not to offer legal services to immigrants – maybe they are not located in an area with many immigrants or maybe they currently do have feel that they have the capacity to offer such services. If your church has never considered this question – maybe you have never asked this question nor have you sought an answer to this question – we have some great reading materials and videos for you (contact us at info@theimmigationalliance.org) However, (be warned!) most churches after having seriously considered this question from a biblical perspective are  in fact choosing to incorporate some type of service to immigrants in their ministry.

In closing, join us in celebrating the recent opening of Restoration Immigration Legal Aid Clinic! Their commitment to loving and caring for immigrants in the Arlington area through providing legal services will sometimes be a heavy burden to carry. Therefore, join us as well in praying that God would protect their work, strengthen their hands and feet, and guide many in need to the clinic.

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