The Evangelical Covenant Church
“Our churches are trusted places. People who want to do the right thing will find assistance to do it the right way. They will find the reassurance of friends who care rather than charlatans who do not. That is the way of Jesus.” 

Gary Walter
President, The Evangelical Covenant Church

The Free Methodist Church – USA
“For a long time, there has been consensus that U.S. immigration systems and policies need reform, but such reform has been slow to come. In the meantime, the need to offer welcome, hospitality and care seems urgent to followers of Jesus who himself lived in exile and chose to identify with exiles. We believe that The Immigration Alliance will help equip our churches to follow Jesus in caring for immigrant persons and families by providing effective and otherwise unavailable legal services to thousands. Doing so is simply the right thing to do, but until now most churches have not known how. The Alliance will help individuals and churches acquire the knowledge and training necessary, and assure the competency of those who are trained. By these means, they will show the compassion of Jesus powerfully in full compliance with our laws.

Churches that take advantage of The Immigration Alliance’s services will become part of the solution for growing numbers of displaced persons and families. We believe this will help many of the neediest and neglected people across the land, and please God.” 

Bishop David W. Kendall
Free Methodist Church—USA


The National Latino Evangelical Coalition
“Evangelicals know firsthand the need to help immigrants access trustworthy legal immigrant services. The National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) is glad to join a broad coalition of evangelical leaders committed to help address this growing challenge. Inaction is not an option.”

Rev. Dr. Gabriel Salguero
President, National Latino Evangelical Coalition

The Wesleyan Church
“I heartily support The Immigration Alliance. It is the Body of Christ expressing His love in action for all people.”

Dr. Jo Anne Lyon
General Superintendent, The Wesleyan Church

World Relief
“World Relief commends the launch of The Immigration Alliance. Welcoming the stranger is one of the defining characteristics of the broadest and most diverse social network on the planet: the local church. The world is on our doorstep. Like never before, we have the opportunity to welcome the stranger, an opportunity of such magnitude that it requires the combined efforts of every denomination and church. It is wonderful to see how God is bringing denominations and churches together through The Immigration Alliance – what a privilege it is to offer tangible services while building friendships with our brothers and sisters from around the world.”

Stephan Bauman
President and CEO, World Relief

and Daniel Kosten
Senior Vice President US Programs, World Relief

The Anglican Church in North America
“The mission of the Anglican Church in North America is ‘to reach North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.’ In so doing, we remember that when Jesus was approached by the multitudes, he taught them all day about their salvation, the transformation of their spiritual lives. And he, in his love for them, gave them bread and fish for their physical nourishment as well.

It is with this approach of total love to the whole man that we endorse and participate in The Immigration Alliance, a gathering of loving Christian churches around the task of helping to reach brothers and sisters in North America who are immigrants in our land and whose need is for both spiritual nourishment but also assistance in the often complex and bewildering world of the American legal system. Much is said in our public discourse currently about the politics of immigration, but little is said about the human beings who are immigrants, both legal and without papers. We hope to help those often regarded in our society as ‘the least of these,’ not through politics but through assisting those who do not have the means to access the legal remedies available to them in a nation of laws and democracy.

With this in mind, we are proud to join The Immigration Alliance to build a network of legal assistance centers in many parishes throughout America.”

Bishop Winfield Mott
Chair, Anglican Immigration Initiative Task Force

and Gus Haddad
Anglican Representative to The Immigration Alliance

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